BFC, developer, compounder, processor

BFC has been the partner of choice in design, manufacture and packaging to order in the aerosol, liquid, powder, tubes and doses market for 10 years.
BFC offers products adapted to its customers' needs in the field of household, automobile, technical and professional cleaning products.

Its ISO 9001-2000 certified site is located in the Orne department, 61km from Chartres. It covers 62,000m² of which 21,500m² are covered, and employs 120 people.

BFC possesses high performance industrial equipment, organised in workshops and stores adapted to each type of activity, with 23 processing lines. This site meets quality, standards and environmental requirements.

BFC participates in environmental policies and several of its products already have Ecolabel certification.

BFC now offers efficient, ecological products which respect the consumer. These products are manufactured from vegetable-based cleaning agents with optimal biodegradability. They are packaged in 100% recyclable packaging.

The Research and Development laboratory has recently been transferred to the newly acquired site, located in the immediate vicinity of the factory.

This modern, functional laboratory is available to clients for the design and formulation of all types of product.

A team of 5 chemical engineers develop reliable, safe formulas here, in compliance with current regulations.

Aerosol manufacture represents 60% of the total production. All types and diameters of tinplate or aluminium containers are used in the manufacturing process. All types of gas propellants are used, including butane/propane, DME, HFC 134a, CO2, Nitrogen, Nitrous oxide etc.

Thanks to their experience and competence, combined with the 4 million euros invested over the past 10 years, BFC can meet all its clients needs for aerosol packaging to order.